Commit e1dc6bf2 by Ruben Rodriguez

5.5/trisquel-icon-theme: Make the theme inherit gnome as well as gnome-brave

parent 99b26595
[Icon Theme] [Icon Theme]
Name=Trisquel Name=Trisquel
Comment=Trisquel icons for GNOME Comment=Trisquel icons for GNOME
Inherits=gnome-brave Inherits=gnome-brave,gnome
Example=folder Example=folder
Directories=scalable/apps,scalable/devices,scalable/places,24x24/apps,24x24/status,scalable/actions,scalable/status Directories=scalable/apps,scalable/devices,scalable/places,24x24/apps,24x24/status,scalable/actions,scalable/status
trisquel-icon-theme (5.4-3) slaine; urgency=low
* Make the theme inherit gnome as well as gnome-brave
-- Trisquel GNU/Linux developers <> Fri, 16 Mar 2012 10:31:58 +0100
trisquel-icon-theme (5.4-2) slaine; urgency=low trisquel-icon-theme (5.4-2) slaine; urgency=low
* Moved base to gnome-brave * Moved base to gnome-brave
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