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<div class="header"><h1 class="slidetitle">Getting new software</h1></div>

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<p>Trisquel comes preloaded with software to do all the common everyday tasks, and you can easily extend it with the thousands of packages in our repositories. With an easy graphical catalog you can install programs for science, education, networking development, games and many more.</p>

<p>Our software is constantly getting updates, both for security and bug fixing, and they can be applied with a graphical upgrade tool. You will be notified every time new packages are available, and also when a new Trisquel release is ready.</p>

<p>The web browser can also be improved by installing libre <a href="">extensions</a> like ad-blockers, download helpers, bookmark managers, themes and more.</p>


<img class="screenshot" src="screenshots/software.png" />