Commit ca545043 by Pablo Correa Committed by Ruben Rodriguez

make-firefox: Updated to include onboarding locales

parent 28cc1e56
......@@ -29,6 +29,10 @@ sed 's/.Ubuntu., //' -i ./browser/extensions/activity-stream/css/activity-stream
cp $DATA/onboarding/bootstrap.js browser/extensions/onboarding
cp $DATA/onboarding/onboarding.js browser/extensions/onboarding/content
cp $DATA/onboarding/ browser/extensions/onboarding/locales/en-US
for locale in $(ls -1 $DATA/onboarding/locales/); do
cp $DATA/onboarding/locales/$locale/ l10n/$locale/browser/extensions/onboarding
sed '/captivedetect.canonicalURL/s/http.*success.txt//' -i modules/libpref/init/all.js
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