Commit 7dad7962 by Ruben Rodriguez

linux-meta-lts-xenial: typo

parent 3d289236
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ rm ./debian/control.d/signed-generic ./debian/control.d/signed-lowlatency ./debi
sed 's/Ubuntu/upstream/' -i debian/control
sed '/Package.*powerpc/,/^$/ d' -i debian/control
-sed 's/, linux-firmware//' -i debian/control ./debian/control.d/generic
sed 's/, linux-firmware//' -i debian/control ./debian/control.d/generic
sed 's/Linux/Linux-libre/g' -i debian/control ./debian/control.d/generic debian/control.d/lowlatency
sed '/signed/,/^$/ d' -i debian/control
sed 's/, intel-microcode \[amd64 i386\]//; s/, amd64-microcode \[amd64 i386\]//;' debian/control debian/control.d/generic debian/control.d/lowlatency -i
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