Commit 4292a929 by Legimet

Call pkgversion function in config

parent 6c36ef59
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ find $3 -type f -not -iregex '.*changelog.*' -not -iregex '.*copyright.*' -execd
head -n 1 debian/changelog | grep -q $UPSTREAM-security && REPO=$CODENAME-security || REPO=$CODENAME
echo | dch -D $REPO -v ${PKGVERSION}+${REVISION}trisquel${VERSION} "$1"
echo | dch -D $REPO -v `pkgversion`+${REVISION}trisquel${VERSION} "$1"
# Make sure the changelog file is identical between archs
/bin/sed "/-- Trisquel/s/.*/ -- Trisquel GNU\/Linux developers <> $DATE/" -i debian/changelog
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