Commit 3b4e3cd2 by Ruben Rodriguez

Fix build problem in abrowser 39

parent a74abd49
......@@ -101,8 +101,8 @@ replace FIREFOX ABROWSER .
replace " Mozilla " " Trisquel " .
sed -i '2s/^Source:.*/Source: firefox/' debian/
replace PACKAGES/abrowser PACKAGES/firefox .
sed s/Trisquel/Mozilla/ python/compare-locales/scripts/compare-locales -i
sed s/Trisquel/Mozilla/ python/compare-locales/ -i
sed s/Trisquel/Mozilla/ l10n/compare-locales/scripts/compare-locales -i
sed s/Trisquel/Mozilla/ l10n/compare-locales/ -i
replace "iceweasel, abrowser" "iceweasel, firefox" .
replace "Replaces: abrowser" "Replaces: firefox" .
#sed s/Ubuntu/Trisquel/g debian/rules -i
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