Commit 2f72820a by Ruben Rodriguez

make-linux: added tcm_qla2xxx to modules.ignore

parent 3c2a8292
......@@ -40,6 +40,11 @@ line=$(grep -n ')-Ubuntu' debian/rules.d/|cut -d: -f1)
sed $(expr $line - 1 ),$(expr $line + 1 )d debian/rules.d/ -i
sed s/family=ubuntu/family=trisquel/ -i debian/rules.d/
# Ignore the missing modules we remove
cat << EOF > debian.master/abi/$(ls debian.master/abi/ -1)/modules.ignore
rename s/ubuntu/trisquel/ debian.*/config/config.common.ubuntu
#sed 's/Linux/Linux-libre/g' debian/control debian/control.stub -i
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