Commit 1e7bd80c by fr33domlover

lighttpd: fix sed usage to make the helper not complain

parent 1aaff311
......@@ -19,10 +19,11 @@ VERSION=1
. ./config
sed -e 's~Ubuntu\sBug\sTracking\sSystem~upstream bug tracker~g' \
-e 's~Ubuntu~Trisquel GNU/Linux~g' \
-e 's~packages\.ubuntu\' \
-i debian/index.html
sed -i 's~Ubuntu\sBug\sTracking\sSystem~upstream bug tracker~g' $HTML_FILE
sed -i 's~Ubuntu~Trisquel GNU/Linux~g' $HTML_FILE
sed -i 's~packages\.ubuntu\' $HTML_FILE
changelog "Fix Ubuntu references in the default index.html"
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