Commit 04e48f4c by Ruben Rodriguez

Reorder entries at browser/components/migration/

parent 91dc9a58
......@@ -234,6 +234,9 @@ sed '/MOZILLA_UAVERSION/ s:Abrowser/:Firefox/:' -i netwerk/protocol/http/nsHttpH
# Set migrator scripts
sed 's/Abrowser/Firefox/g; s/abrowser/firefox/g' -i browser/components/migration/AbrowserProfileMigrator.js
sed s/ChromeProfileMigrator/_temp_/ -i browser/components/migration/
sed s/AbrowserProfileMigrator/ChromeProfileMigrator/ -i browser/components/migration/
sed s/_temp_/AbrowserProfileMigrator/ -i browser/components/migration/
# Postinst script to manage profile migration and system links
echo '
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